Zeiss AxioVert 200M Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Used Excellent Zeiss AxioVert 200M Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope



- Fully Motorized Functionality including motorized: fine and coarse focusing, reflector turret rotation, objective nosepiece rotation, switching camera ports, and internal light shutters.

- Stand Alone Capability. This equipment does not need a computer connected to it during usage. That is optional. But the computer is needed to properly configure it for the user’s application.

- Tilt back upper light carrier. Ability to tilt out of the way to access large culture vessels or optional micromanipulation equipment.

- Stage has XY slider with a vessel mounting plate. Plate has opening about 60mm diameter plus has ability to hold a 25x75mm standard glass specimen slide.

- Binocular Viewing Head.

- Eyepiece pair is W-Pl 10x/23 guaranteed for usage with eyeglasses or without. The 23mm is a great field of view. Both eyepieces have focusing diopters.

- Shutter with ability to block light from entering eyepieces when taking photos. This prevents inadvertent ambient light exposure on camera.

- Six Place Objective Nosepiece. With DIC slots in each position.

- Two lifting handles to make it easier to move this large and heavy duty instrument. Often times these are missing.

- Large physical size gives excellent thermal and mechanical stability.

- Frame has a built-in straight 1x Optovar lens. It does not have any other magnification selections on the Optovar. There is a button on the side for “1x Optovar”.

- Includes blank slider (in analyzer slot) and DIC blanks for protection against dust.

- All required power cords.

- Does not include camera, camera c-mount adapter, or laptop. Camera is shown in images to demonstrate that one can be connected.

- Left Side and Right Side camera photography ports. Most frames only have a single camera port. This has three settings. (1) Take 100 percent light to the left port. (2) Take 80 percent of light to right port and 20 percent to eyepieces. (3) Take 100 percent to eyepieces.

Transmitted Light – Brightfield and Phase Contrast Microscopy:

- HAL 100 lamp housing. With 100W halogen bulb.
- Rotary Light Condenser. (manually operated).
- Numerical Aperture 0.35 N.A. 70mm Working Distance.
- Settings for: Ph0, Ph1, Ph2, DIC, DIC, H. The “H” is brightfield.
- Has two Differential Interference Contrast settings but no prisms installed.
- Capablity for Upgrade to DIC. Has Empty DIC slots, ready to accept prisms.
- Condenser centering screws.
- Electronic variable light intensity button.
- This complete rotary light condenser with 100W illuminator should be compared to the cheaper and simpler version that has only a phase slider bar and 30W illuminator. When comparing prices, review what type of transmitted illumination system is included.

EpiFluorescence Reflected Light System:

- HBO 100. Lamp housing and power supply. With 100W Mercury bulb.
- Five positions for dichroic cubes (reflector modules) in the motorized reflector turret.
- Filter holder with three empty slots for optional filters. Use this as a shutter when pushed all the way to one side.
- Aperature Diaphragm and Field Diaphragm sliders.
- Mercury Arc adjusting/centering aid included.

AxioVert 200M – Phase Contrast and Fluorescence Microscope:
- XY Slider movement on stage. Left Hand

LCD light manager with readout:

Motorized objective nosepiece rotation.
Motorized reflector cube turret rotation.
Motorized focusing, Both fine and coarse.
Electronic shutter for fluorescence light on – off and halogen light on – off..
Eyepieces W-PL 10x/23.
Side photo port with 1x c-mount camera adapter.  This does interfere with the low position XY movement Rod when the camera is mounted.

1x Optovar lens:
- Universal stage plate adapter to fit normal 1 x 3" slide or petri dish. Also includes a separate 24 well plate stage adapter..

Arc adjusting and centering aid for HBO illuminator:
- Spaces for five cubes inside reflector turret. These are the three included filter sets:

- Zeiss filter set 10 BP 450 – 490. This is the FITC/GFP. It tested perfectly with very bright imaging. There is no detectable wear. It is like new.

- Zeiss filter set 01. BP 365/12. The DAPI. There is no detectable wear. It is like new. This filter tested great.

- Zeiss filter set 20. BP 546/12. TRITC. It looks like some very slight detectable wear only on the exciter. This filter tested great.

- Achroplan 4x. Not phase.
- Achroplan 10x Ph1 Phase contrast..
- LD Achroplan 20x Long working distance. Correction collar. Not phase.
- LD Achroplan 40x Long working distance. Correction collar. Not phase..
- Unit is capable of upgrading to DIC. It also has the open spaces for the DIC prisms inside the condenser.

Rotary condenser with Ph1 and Ph2 phase contrast annuli:
- HBO 100 W Fluorescence illumination system.

Halogen 100 W transmitted illumination.

Includes 1.5mm (pair), 4mm and 3mm hex wrenches:
- Phase and Fluorescence were tested and all performed well.

Zeiss MRc color camera and
FireWire card nor FireWire cable

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Zeiss AxioVert 200M Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Zeiss AxioVert 200M Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Used Excellent Zeiss AxioVert 200M Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope