2016 Cynosure SculpSure Diode Laser 1060nm



Fat Reduction Body Contour Lipolysis

2016 Cynosure SculpSure Diode Laser 1060nm is a non-invasive 1060 nm diode laser which disrupts fat cells in a 25-minute treatment to improve your body’s contours. The body disposes of the disrupted fat cells over the 6 to 12 weeks following treatment. These fat cells do not return!

The SculpSure® technology offers contouring by elimination of stubborn fat that does not respond to diet and exercise alone. Treatments can be repeated at appropriate intervals to achieve realistic goals. Up to 25% of fat cells can disappear over time. This treatment has a more than 90% patient satisfaction rate.

The laser efficiently heats the fat in the abdominal wall or flanks up to 42° to 47° C while the applicators keep the skin cool during the treatment.  During the 25-minute treatment, you feel cycles of increasing heat followed by cooling. If the heat reaches levels that are not tolerable, the push of a button provides a blast of cool sensation after which treatment resumes. The laser does not harm the surrounding tissue deeper than 2.0 cm. No damage occurs to the skin. In fact, there is some evidence that the skin may tighten with treatment

Technical Specifications:

SculpSure uses a diode laser with a light wavelength of 1060nm, applied as a continuous wave for controlled hyperthermic fat reduction. There is no aiming beam needed, as is often the case with more invasive laser lipolysis devices. The device also features Contact Cooling™ for added patient comfort.

SculpSure is used for lypolysis (destruction of fat cells), primarily on the flanks and abdomen. The device is being further developed by the makers for ease of fat removal in other areas, such as the neck (double chin), buttocks and thighs.

- Main System
- Power Cord
- Key
- 4 Handpieces
- 2 New PAC Keys
- accessories
- manuals,
- a foot placement mat

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2016 Cynosure SculpSure Diode Laser 1060nm

2016 Cynosure SculpSure Diode Laser 1060nm