Huvitz HPE-8000 Patternless Edger

2016 Huvitz HPE-8000 Patternless Edger, HAB-8000 Auto Tracer Blocker, HDM-8000 Drill



Huvitz HPE-8000 Patternless Edger:

The Huvitz HPE-8000 Patternless Edger seamlessly finishes plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex® and offers the widest range of bevel options available. Integrated, accelerated long-life milling technology eliminates axis twisting. Plus, with the optional drill unit, virtually any lens shape or hole pattern is possible. Operators will appreciate the real-time lens analysis, precise bevel adjustment, and outstanding polish quality that are possible with the HPE-8000.

Features of the HPE-8000 Patternless Edger:
- Finish Various Lens Materials
- Diverse Beveling Options
- Simulation Function
- High-Resolution Touch Screen Interface
- Advanced Digital Technology

- Real-Time Status
- Dual Side Feelers
- Bigger Cutting Wheels
- Accelerated Long-Life Milling
- Outstanding Processing and Storage

Finish Various Lens Materials
The HPE-8000 offers the freedom to finish a range of lens materials including glass, plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex.

The HPE-8000 offers the widest range of beveling options available, including standard, mini-bevel, asymmetric, semi-U and customizable beveling for high-curved frames. Almost anything is possible with the HPE-8000.

HAB-8000 Auto Tracer Blocker:

The Huvitz HAB-8000 is a one-stop solution, combining the functions of a tracer, lensmeter, and blocker in one powerful machine. Simply place the lens in position and the HAB-8000 will do the rest.

The HAB-8000 is user-friendly enough for in office use as well as robust enough for higher-volume settings. In fact, with the HAB-8000 you can process up to four jobs at the same time while connecting to up two separate edgers and a drill unit.

The possibilities are  endless. A 10.4-inch high-resolution touch screen monitor allows operators to control all of the system's functions.

Featuring Automatic Lens Center Recognition, the HAB-8000 automatically detects the lens shape and knows what type of lens you’re using.

The integrated high-performance lensmeter automatically recognizes the lens as it is set in position.

Whether it’s a progressive, bi focal, or other lens, there’s no need for marking with the HAB-8000. In addition, this high end Huvitz model offers Digital Scan Hole  Detection, Advanced 3D Tracing, Drag-and-Drop Hole Editing, Real-Time Data Transmission and so much more.

Fully automated lens entering and blocking is now available at the push of a button.

Features of the HAB-8000 Lens Tracer and Blocker
- All-in-One System
- Fully Automated
- Intuitive Touch Screen
- Automatic Lens Center Recognition
- No Lens Marking
- Integrated Lensmeter
- Real-Time Scan

- Digital Scan Hole Detection
- Advanced 3D Tracing
- Digital Pattern Layout
- Real-Time Data Transmission
- Drag-and-Drop Hole Editing
- Digital Scanning
- High-End Extras

The HAB-8000 is a one-stop finishing solution, combining the functions of a tracer, lensmeter and blocker in one powerful system.

HDM-8000 Drilling Unit :

The KAIZER line is the next generation to follow the Huvitz Excelon series and is designed with a wide array of features intended to simplify and perfect in-house lens finishing.

The HDM-8000 Drilling Unit offers the ultimate time saving solution to increase your profitability. You can transmit jobs with a single click. Create the wildest lens shape imaginable. Virtually any shape lens and hole pattern is attainable. The HDM-8000 also features a sleek design and a small footprint that can fit beautifully in any space.

Features of the HDM-8000 Drilling Unit:
- Data Profiling Algorithm
- Smart Job Manager Software
- Easy Hole Editing
- Single Click Simplicity
- Accommodates Anything
- Advanced Safety Features
- Small Footprint
- Promotes Cleanliness

The HDM-8000 features a new systematic data-profiling algorithm that significantly reduces job-processing time.

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Huvitz HPE-8000 Patternless Edger

Huvitz HPE-8000 Patternless Edger

2016 Huvitz HPE-8000 Patternless Edger, HAB-8000 Auto Tracer Blocker, HDM-8000 Drill