Weco Patternless Edger EDGE 580

Weco Patternless Edger EDGE 580, CAD 5 blocker and Trace 3 tracer



Weco Patternless Edger EDGE 580:

The new Edge 580 is not only an extension to predecessor regarding functionality but offers as well a way higher operating speed that brings the machine close to an industrial edging center without any deduction when it comes to quality and precision!

Key features of WECO Edge 580:
- Special bevel program for Hi-curve lenses
- handy additional features in drilling mode
- optimized timing in operation makes it fast
- mini-bevel for best fitting precision and esthetic appearance of thin frames
- Auto program for Chemistrie® solar clips
- Extensive range of feasible applications

The bevel is sharper by 20° in comparison to a standard bevel what leads to a tight fit in the frame groove whereas the backside of the bevel is extended to allow an easy mounting even with thicker temple parts.

- New diamond wheel with a dedicated Hi base profile
- Angle of the bevel backside adjustable individually in every point before edging for perfect fitting
- Comprehensive screen preview and esthetic smoothing of the lenti chamfer for a perfect result

Useful additional functions for drilling:

The newly designed electric WECO drill unit allows drilling optical lenses under an angle to achieve a good fit in the rimless mounting parts.

Therefore even lenses with a high curve can be drilled precisely directly inside the machine without any possible errors by swapping the lens into as separate drill-center.

Additional plotting info can be done beforehand on the CAD blocker in a big, comprehensive screen.
The angle to be drilled is then derived from the hole co-ordinates of the job and the lens curve that was felt by the machine.

Like this, the lenses can be mounted without any manual post processing. With great ease you can process holes, slot-holes, oblongs, notches and blind holes.

In case the need of a post processing arises, the drilling process can be redone with a different diameter at a fingertip.

The drilling co-ordinates can be displayed and altered directly at the edger so that the peripherals remain available for other jobs and that there’s no need to call the job again on another device. The result is a perfectly machined rimless job exactly what your customers expect from you.

- drilling perpendicular to front and back surface
- Drilling perpendicular to a given lens curve
- Up to 20 co-ordinates per side
- Holes, slots, oblongs and notches can be done as holes or blind holes
- Individual post processing of the holes on the edger’s screen menu at a fingertip
- Receipt of the Drilling plan by VCA/OMA protocol from any host possible

- Optimized edging cycle time
- Mini-bevel for highest fitting precision

Weco CAD 5 blocker:

The Cad 5 is a fully automatic device with no need of human intervention during centering and blocking operations.
Cad 5 is an integrated device, not requiring the use of a  meter for regular prescriptions.

This reduces the risk of human error and increases the accuracy of centering.
The Optical-Trace function prevents the possibility of any mechanical distortion of the frame by taking a “picture” of the pattern or demo lens to trace the shape.

High-tech optical recognition and image treatment systems ensure optimum accuracy for lens centering and frame mounting.
As well as the detection of drill hole coordinates for rimless frames, the Modifier functionality is essential to adapt the frame shape to the wishes of the customer or the requirements of the lens to be mounted.
 With Modifier you are always in a good shape when it comes to flexibility.

Cad 5 advanced features:

- Optical trace functionality for detection of lens shape or pattern
- High-tech optical recognition and image processing system
- Automatic recognition of pattern, demo lens and lens to edge
- Detection, modification and creation of drill hole coordinates
- Modifier to modify the shape of a lens for rimless frame
- Elimination of lens-meter means one step less in usual lens preparation processes
- Less manual processes during the whole operation: automatic recognition, centering and blocking
- Automatic blocking with safe electro-magnetic system
- Processes all lens materials

- Optical Trace functionality
- Modifier

Technical limits:
- Measurement range Sphere -6 dpt. to +6 dpt.
- for dioptre measurement
- Cylinder 0 – 6 dpt.
- Cylinder shaft 0 – 180 °
- Prism 0 – 6 cm/m
- Basis 0 – 360 °
- Accuracy of Power 0,125 dpt.

- Raw lens dimensions Max / min diameter 80 mm / 45 mm
- Max / min marginal 20 mm / 0,5 mm thickness
- Accuracy of detection 0,3 mm
- Accuracy of blocker 0,15 mm

Process period:
- Single-focus lens 20 s
- Bifocal lens 10 s
- Progressive lens 10 s
- Data input and handling 15 s
- Total period for one 45 - 65 s
- spectacle lens

weco  Trace 3 tracer:
When developing the Weco Trace 3 3D Remote Tracer, we considered what a modern practice might find important.  We incorporated these considerations into the design to make the Weco Trace 3 Easy, self-explanatory, and intuitive to operate.  In addition the machine features superior accuracy of shape traces and improves the workflow and operation of the lab.

Before data is transmitted, traces can be checked thoroughly by the user. Varied fail-safes such as integrated help menus and data comparisons provide the user with additional guidance and help to avoid errors.

trace 3 3d tracerFeatures include:

- Fully automatic three dimensional tracing
- Seperate tracing modes for metal and plastic frames
- Trace left eye, right eye, or both
- 3D Tracing and detection of groove angle and bevel length
- Automatic calculation of bridge width
- Adjustable tracing speed for difficult frames
- Automatic correction when tracer is dislodged from groove
- Color LCD display with wide viewing angle
- Intuitive interface

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Weco Patternless Edger EDGE 580

Weco Patternless Edger EDGE 580

Weco Patternless Edger EDGE 580, CAD 5 blocker and Trace 3 tracer